Webinar infra data Brabant Logistics hotspots

Discover the opportunities of infrastructural data for Brabant logistics hotspots during an LCB webinar on 17 September, 2020

Imagine that available data can contribute to a better traffic flow for business parks and cities and that camera recognition provides a better view of the transport of dangerous goods. Data is recorded via all kinds of systems and sensors, which is very relevant and valuable for and around the logistics hotspots in Brabant. With new techniques, more and more data can be recorded and accessible. We also have options to convert the data into real-time information.

Two traffic data exchange projects

On 17 September, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, the Logistics Community Brabant will present two projects in an online webinar that show how available infrastructure data is translated into valuable up-to-date information for road authorities, safety regions, logistics service providers and road users.

  • DALI participants Sentors and Monotch will present the DALI project DATACLEP, in which data from relevant sensors on the industrial estate of the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Area is made available in real-time.
  • And the Atlas Liveable City of Logistics Community Brabant visualises how the infrastructure in Brabant is used and how the flow to and accessibility of locations can be improved. And digital, in our case, always means topical.

In addition to the project presentations in this webinar, there is also a panel discussion on how these projects can be applied more widely in Brabant.
Be informed about the possibilities of now and the near future!

Webinar registration

You can register here for the online webinar from 17 September, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. A few days before the webinar, you will receive the login details and the telephone number for asking questions via WhatsApp.

DALI testing ground

Under the name DALI (Data Science for Logistics Innovation), concrete data science applications in the supply chain are realised based on business cases. DALI is a testing ground for taking data certification in the logistics sector of the Southern Netherlands to a higher level, thus making the industry future-proof.

Eighteen companies, including Monotch, participate in the DALI testing ground and have inserted their business case. The DATACLEP collaborative project in DALI aims to work with the port authority Moerdijk and the province of Noord-Brabant to make Monotch’s data technology applicable for logistics hotspots. In DALI, Monotch strives to create an automated data platform of real-time data from sensors such as cameras, entrance gates and traffic lights nationwide available for end-users such as motorists and customers of the port company.

If you have any questions about DALI and the DALI projects or if you have ideas to take datafication in the logistics and supply chain sector in the South of the Netherlands to a higher level, please contact Bas Groot via [email protected].

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