TLEX ensures more efficiency in logistics chain

Together with partner Sentors, Monotch started the DATACLEP pilot project at the Moerdijk Port Authority in 2020.

The project entirely focuses on data exchange in logistics. From March 2020 until November 2021, we tested an AI camera system plus a data link at the Moerdijk port and industrial estate.

During this test, the unlocked data were shown in web dashboards in real time. Sentors provided the camera technology, and Monotch provided the dashboards and platform to share the data with the various stakeholders. The DATACLEP pilot project is part of DALI, the Data Science living lab for Logistics Innovation. DALI aims to bring data certification in the logistics sector in the Southern part of the Netherlands to a higher level.

More efficient goods handling and priority at traffic lights

After 18 months, we take stock of the project and see many logistical benefits thanks to the data exchange. Within DATACLEP, we focused on two different use cases, namely: container registration and smart traffic lights. What did all this yield?

Container registration

An advanced camera system at the business park entrance unlocks critical real-time data for companies to use in their logistics planning. This data includes archive photos to aid in:

  • visual inspections,
  • damage disputes,
  • and identification of hazardous substances based on codes on ADR boards.

The accessible data offers many advantages for the port authority and the companies on the port premises. We briefly list them. First of all, the monitoring provides valuable insights into:

  • traffic and safety,
  • trends in volume,
  • type of containers,
  • and turnaround times for the Port Authority.

In addition, it includes data for the upscaling or downscaling of checks related to hazardous substances (type, volume and time). On top of this, as a central data source, it allows them to provide additional services to companies at the business park. There are also efficiency benefits for the companies at the business park. In particular for the pre-notification of loads (pre-notification). But also for error checks (correct container) and evidence for possible time (waiting time) or damage disputes (images as proof).

Smart Traffic Lights

The traffic lights at the business park also received a technology upgrade. Thanks to a data link from the traffic lights to the national cloud system UDAP, developed by Monotch, priority can be given to emergency services or time-to-green information for freight traffic can be provided in-truck. This saves fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

Huge data potential in the logistics sector

Data sharing in the logistics chain is becoming increasingly important. After the tests in the DATACLEP pilot project in Moerdijk, we can conclude that data sharing provides many benefits for the stakeholders in the logistics chain. A condition for high-quality data sharing is that the infrastructure must be in order and that this is not a temporary provisionally solution. Data exchange with multiple stakeholders requires an integrated infrastructure and ensures that no separate solutions are needed for each service. It also allows you to scale up more easily. There is an enormous opportunity for ports and industrial sites to realise a service ecosystem for companies to determine their role responsibilities and facilitate data traffic (infrastructure) and regulate (manage).

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