Tampere takes smart mobility to the next level with C-ITS implementation

Nodeon has signed the first contract to implement the TLEX® platform in Finland’s third-largest city, Tampere.

The City of Tampere and Fintraffic Tie Oy have decided to move forward regarding C-ITS implementation in the city.

Meeting Finland’s smart mobility goals

Finland’s goals in the NordicWay3 project are to collect and harmonise data from intelligent traffic light controllers and test and develop C-ITS solutions and services suitable for the urban environment based on this available data. To meet these objectives, the chosen technical solution must support international standards and architectures to ensure interoperability.

Purpose of Tampere’s TLEX I2V platform

During the NordicWay3 project, the primary purpose of the Tampere TLEX I2V service platform is to collect and validate the traffic light controllers of the traffic light equipment manufacturers operating in the Finnish market. It is foreseen that messages such as SPAT and MAP are communicated between all stakeholders in the smart mobility ecosystem. This enables a Tampere-wide (or even nationwide) traffic information exchange serving the entire region’s C-ITS ecosystem.

C-ITS system complies with well-known European standards and architectures

“The TLEX service platform meets these requirements excellently. The systems comply with and are based on well-known open European standards and commonly architectures – ETSI and Datex II standards, NordicWay and C-Roads architectures. The TLEX platform can transmit real-time data content and implement C-ITS traffic use cases as has been proven on large-scale projects such as Talking Traffic already,” Aapo Poyhonen, Sales Director of Nodeon, explains.

“We are delighted to see that becoming Monotch’s partner for Finland results in a serious business opportunity for Nodeon. We and the international road authorities are well aware of Monotch’s TLEX system’s experience in several other large projects and are therefore confident that this platform will bring their intelligent infrastructure to the next level,” Gary Lin, International Business Developer for Monotch, confirms.

TLEX® platform capabilities

TLEX® is the technical leading C-ITS solution, enabling the implementation of an open C-ITS ecosystem due to its vendor-independency. The system offers open interfaces following European (and global)  standards and is excellently scalable. The system allows for bi-directional data transfer between systems of customers, equipment suppliers and various other stakeholders.

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Photo on top of this article; Copyright City of Tampere – photographer Marko Kallio

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