Talking Traffic in the Netherlands

The TLEX platform connects all intelligent traffic light controllers [iTLCs] and road users in the Netherlands. The platform allows data exchange based on the European ETSI standards. In addition, the major intelligent traffic light controller vendors have an interface with TLEX. The real-time exchange of messages between traffic light controllers makes it possible to offer:

  • road users’ information (time-to-green/red),
  • green light optimised speed advice (GLOSA),
  • and prioritise specific types of traffic, e.g. emergency services, truck platoons, cyclists or ‘green’ traffic.

Agreed set of standards and protocols

All market parties can now integrate these use cases into their applications and/or vehicle systems. Both road authorities and private parties have agreed to a set of standards and protocols. These protocols refer to both technical matters and security and privacy. The project’s secure setup of all network connections is essential, both with road regulators and information brokers.

National platform for exchanging real-time roadside data

Now the crucial conditions for further scale-up have been dealt with, and the TLC upgrades/replacements are well along the way, we expect to see the number of connected TLCs proliferate in the near future to 20%-30% of all TLCs towards the end of 2020. This makes the Netherlands the first country with a national platform for exchanging real-time roadside (equipment) data. The apparent aim is to make traffic safer and more sustainable, keeping a keen eye on the future of autonomous driving.

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TLEX I2V Platform

A highly scalable platform designed for multi-vendor environments in which large numbers of devices and/or sensors exchange real-time data. In addition to unrivalled performance and scalability, the highest standards for security and privacy are the most important features.

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