Unlocking data from text carts to inform road users

For the national road operator Rijkswaterstaat Monotch realized a data link from DENM text carts of road inspectors to road users.

To this end, Rijkswaterstaat has requested Monotch to develop data links with functionalities such as:

  • interface for the I2V connection between Rijkswaterstaat DENM text carts and TLEX platform;
  • Rijkswaterstaat DENM messages collected in accordance with Main Road Network-DENM scheme IDD;
  • applying a geofence filter to the messages;
  • encrypting messages according to ASN1.Uper.

Feasibility of data communication

The pilot aimed to investigate the feasibility of the data communication from Rijkswaterstaat text carts to the TLEX I2V platform to the onboard units of V-TRON to inform road users. Messages were converted to ETSI. And Monotch made sure that the data flows were safe, fast, easy to monitor and available with governance data. The pilot was successfully realised.

Monotch showed it added value by speedily realising the conversion from raw data to ETSI messages so the service providers could use the standardised plug-and-play interfacing.

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TLEX I2V Platform

A highly scalable platform designed for multi-vendor environments in which large numbers of devices and/or sensors exchange real-time data. In addition to unrivalled performance and scalability, the highest standards for security and privacy are the most important features.

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