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Our Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) Platforms enable our partners to connect the entire smart mobility ecosystem using an off-the-shelf solution that can grow with their business. As a partner, you will share in our experience, become part of our active partner network and receive the support you need to succeed with C-ITS.

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Become an industry leader in C-ITS implementations in your market! You have the local knowledge and connections; we bring in the best-in-class data exchange software, tons of experience and excellent support.

  • Open new doors in smart mobility
  • Grow recurring revenue & accelerate your business growth
  • Get 1:1 sales support where you need it

Your intelligent roadside equipment can bring your customers even more insight when it is connected to the world-leading data exchange platform, making sure your products lead the way in smart mobility projects.

  • Offer more use cases with your customers to drive retention
  • Use the latest in innovation with the leader in smart mobility platforms
  • Accelerate your worldwide business growth by offering an extensive solution

Add extra service to your existing traffic management solution by connecting to the most accurate, real-time data exchange platform.

  • Grow trust with your customers by offering them the most advanced solution
  • Use real-time data for your application
  • Work together with Monotch to expand your customer base

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