Our solutions cover the entire mobility ecosystem

Monotch’s activities cover the entire mobility ecosystem from traffic, parking to mobility as a service.
By connecting data, services and transactions Monotch helps customers in order to respond to latest mobility trends and challenges. Monotch improves traffic flow and offers solutions for smart traffic, smart parking and smart travelling and thereby contributes to safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

The TLEX I2V platform is a highly scalable platform especially designed to connect roadside equipment to information brokers, automotive industry, road authorities and ultimately road users.

All of this bi-directional, continuously, real-time and vendor independent. Already today TLEX connects all Dutch Smart traffic lights to road users and road authorities: informing road users, prioritize traffic and optimizing traffic flow with the first countrywide implementation worldwide. In addition, TLEX technology is also used in other European countries and often used in international C-ITS pilots and showcases.

The TLEX City Hub Platform offers travel information, reservations, payment transactions and route advice functionalities for cities, service and mobility providers.

The information supplied depends on the personal preference of the traveller who purchases mobility instead of investing in means of transport. The platform makes make real-time mobility-related data applicable, is easy to use and guarantees the continuous interaction between customer and mobility provider needs.

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