Continuous data flow for road authorities and road users in UDAP

It’s been almost a year since we launched the Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP), so it’s about time for an update on the data flows.

The ultra-fast data exchange has been running at full speed since January. All road authorities and certified service providers in the Netherlands now use the data services of the national data platform.

Data flows and messages

What kind of data flows, and how many messages are we talking about?

Just a few figures at a glance:

  • More than 1,000 connected TLCs
  • > 30 billion total messages processed per month
  • > 2.5 billion status messages received from TLCs per month
  • > 9 billion received status messages from road users per month
  • > 5,000 configured intersection priority rules per month
  • > 100,000 ‘priority request’ messages per month
  • 20 constantly monitored KPIs on connections and use cases

The above figures were based on October 2021.

UDAP dashboards

UDAP collects data from all kinds of roadside systems, regardless of which supplier, and delivers this automatically and in real-time. Conversely, UDAP also receives anonymised movement and vehicle-related data from road users. For road authorities, all this data is displayed in UDAP dashboards, which, among other things, show the status of the connected objects, the extent of data exchange and real-time reports of various use cases. Road users receive real-time data in traffic and route information via the service providers connected to UDAP.

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