Mobility ecosystem expanded with TripService partnership

TripService, a company that creates dashboards for mobility insights, and Monotch, the market leader enabling traffic data communication, have officially entered a partnership.

At TripService, they combine technical knowledge with traffic insight. They help solve mobility issues for governments, road authorities, events, and safety regions.

Informing traffic participants in real-time

There is a lot of real-time data available from various traffic sources. This data can be exchanged in real-time and bi-directional via Monotch’s TLEX® platform. Multiple stakeholders can connect to this platform to supply or use this data. One of these service providers that analyzes the data and makes it ready for use for various target groups is TripService. They ensure that governments, road managers, event organizations, and safety regions receive and use this data to communicate with travelers about the most efficient and safe routes.

Benefits of an extensive mobility ecosystem

In the Netherlands, there is already a large group of users and suppliers of mobility data to the central platform used in the Netherlands, UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform). Governments, road authorities, suppliers of roadside equipment, service providers, car OEMs, and more are connected to this system to exchange data. Ultimately, these insights and information help road users get from A to B as safely, efficiently, and sustainably as possible.

More than 25% of Dutch road users now have real-time information available to them when they are on the road.

Valuable collaborations

“Met deze samenwerking voegen we extra waarde toe aan onze services door nog meer gebruik te kunnen maken van de beschikbare mobiliteitsdata in Nederland.” zegt Wouter Giesen, Accountmanager bij TripService.

Gary Lin, International Business Developer, voegt toe, “We zijn er trots op dat het mobiliteitsecosysteem rondom TLEX steeds breder wordt. Onze partners en eindgebruikers zien allemaal de meerwaarde van de samenwerkingen die er uiteindelijk voor zorgt dat mobiliteit in het algemeen veiliger, efficiënter en duurzamer wordt.”

About TripService

TripService is a leader in the field of using navigation systems, influencing travel behavior, and digital traffic management. TripService offers advanced services and strategic partnerships with well-known navigation systems like Google Maps, Waze, TomTom, and Apple Maps. With TripService, you have direct access to real-time updates on traffic, roadworks, accidents, and other relevant traffic events.

Of je nu wegbeheerder, aannemer of evenementenorganisator bent, TripService staat klaar om jouw mobiliteitsstrategie te versterken. Ze laten je profiteren van het inzetten van navigatiesystemen, het beïnvloeden van reisgedrag en digitaal verkeersmanagement.

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