TLEX leads the smart mobility innovation race

The digitalisation wave is reshaping mobility, integrating IoT and AI technologies, and transforming transportation into smart cities and connected vehicles. Real-time data acquisition and exchange, characterised by low latency, are pivotal for optimised traffic flow and road safety.

Tailored solutions from a standard product

Monotch’s Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform optimises data handling for specific use cases akin to specialised tools in a toolkit. The system offers authorities a tailored solution to their unique requirements.

Select the best platform for your digital infrastructure and connected mobility data

How do you, as a road authority, city or other major influencer of your region’s smart mobility transformation, know you select the best solution for your challenges?

To this end, Monotch created an in-depth product comparison report. It comprehensively compares Monotch’s TLEX platform with other solutions available. The objective is to compare the technical aspects, features, and capabilities of the TLEX platform – showing what sets it apart.

Alternative solutions

Based on the TLEX functionality, we have selected several alternative solutions that represent the different categories of solutions in the market.

The report compares TLEX to:

  • Generic IoT platforms: these platforms offer generic IoT functionality with several tools or add-ons to realise a solution.
  • Generic message broker solutions: A message broker is a software tool that facilitates services and applications to transfer messages for communication and information exchange. 
  • Mobility-specific solutions: these solutions have been developed with the needs of the mobility eco-system in mind.

How does TLEX (Traffic Live Exchange) stand out?

In comparing different platforms, TLEX stands out for its:

  • focus on the unique needs of mobility, especially in terms of IoT and efficient connection management for roadside equipment
  • versatility in data exchange methods
  • choice to prioritise data quality control
  • ability to support advanced C-ITS use cases
  • governance
  • security
  • adaptability

The platform offers various deployment options, making it flexible for different users. Lastly, TLEX provides a comprehensive service guarantee, aligning well with industry standards.

Check out our detailed report, be critical and let us know your conclusions!

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