Monotch and Nodeon enhance C-ITS data exchange in Finland

Dutch and Finnish smart mobility specialists Monotch and Nodeon have recently signed a partnership agreement to deploy C-ITS in Finland.

With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of data exchange via V2X platforms, which benefits the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem.

Teaming up for the Finnish mobility market

By teaming up for the Finnish market, Monotch and Nodeon can further promote the benefits of the TLEX I2V software platform based on open European standards (ETSI, C-Roads) NordicWay, etc.) and enhance it by incorporating new functionalities, payloads, and interfaces. The partnership will offer Finnish road authorities excellent opportunities to adopt the V2X platform for the Finnish market and deploy the C-ITS services to their fullest potential. The C-ITS services that Nodeon will roll out in Finland range from Traffic light priority tot Traffic light optimisation to Real-time information services for road users.

Further enhancing the TLEX data exchange platform

Monotch provides data flows via the TLEX platform by connecting traffic light controllers and other roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users. TLEX I2V is an example of a highly scalable system specifically designed to send and receive massive volumes of data with ultra-low latency. The ready-to-use technology with available interfacing and various protocol options is applied in the nationwide UDAP platform initiated by the Dutch Talking Traffic programme, InterCor, Concorda en NordicWay3 project.

In-depth knowledge of Finnish traffic market

This perfectly matches Nodeon’s familiarity with the Finnish traffic sector, in-depth knowledge of technological traffic systems and extensive knowledge and experience in data communication. Nodeon’s overall design in smart traffic projects often includes the integration design of electrical, automation, data communication, tele and safety systems, and lighting. The combined market-ready solutions will significantly improve traffic flow optimisation and real-time information to road users. Both companies believe that collaboration is essential for the further rollout of C-ITS technology and C-ITS data exchange services.

Benefits for stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem

The deployment of ITS systems and data exchange via V2X platforms provides many benefits for the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem. Road authorities can improve traffic flows and road safety and prioritise certain road users. As a result, freight traffic, emergency services, public transport and cyclists can be given priority over other traffic at traffic lights. But more importantly, the platforms are used to inform road users in real-time.

The right match

As International Business Developer Gary Lin explains, Monotch has found the right match in Nodeon to make TLEX I2V the first-choice platform for I2V in Finland and to promote the Talking Traffic concept in Finland. “We will share experiences from C-ITS deployments in the Netherlands and implement them under new specifications and architectural set-ups that differ from our previous deployments. We are both confident to deploy the TLEX I2V platform in Finland, find pilot customers and realise the benefits of C-ITS services.”

Joined forces for further C-ITS roll-out in Scandinavia

“Monotch has gained a lot of experience in the field of data exchange in several European projects. Combining this with Nodeon’s expertise in implementing smart traffic projects, both parties can strengthen each other. Since the nineties, we have been implementing intelligent traffic infrastructure and have influenced the development of ITS solutions and systems in our markets. For us, C-ITS is a natural path to leave a mark on the development of the ITS sector and next-generation ITS solutions. I believe we can be an excellent deployment partner for V2X platforms in Finland”, argues the Nodeon director of sales, Aapo Pöyhönen.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, is also very pleased with this new partnership. “With TLEX, we have assembled a neutral, open interface solution that supports the multi-vendor C-ITS eco-system including use-case tooling and KPI’s. We look forward to working with Nodeon to enter the Finnish market and cooperate closely to implement TLEX in C-ITS and Smart City projects in Finland and add new specifications.”

About Nodeon

Nodeon is a Finnish technology specialist with crucial expertise in smart traffic solutions. It is mainly active in the urban and inter-urban environment, providing traffic flow solutions and traffic safety solutions. This varies from pre-designed ITS systems to system delivery and maintenance services, including automation, electrical and telecommunication designing, system integration and software development. Its core expertise is the implementation of distributed data collection and device management solutions for infrastructure varying from sensor technologies, data collection and data communication solutions to industrial automation processes, centralised data management systems and data analytics. Nodeon is active in Finland and Sweden.

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