Monotch and Traviation announce partnership

Dutch-based C-ITS market leader Monotch and German traffic consulting company Traviation join forces to bring TLEX® to the German market.

With over 25 years of experience in the German mobility market, Traviation brings in its specialist know-how and extensive network. Together with the unique experience of Monotch in developing a proven, safe, vendor-independent and future-proof Cooperative Intelligent Transport System, the Traffic Live Exchange, this partnership will lay the foundation of scalable, intelligent mobility solutions in Germany.

Safer, more sustainable and efficient travels in Germany

Traviation and Monotch have partnered to bring Monotch’s Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform to Germany. Building on the expertise and local knowledge of Traviation, the partnership will support the wide-scale deployment of the C-ITS services to enable more sustainable, safer and more efficient travels on the German roads. As a traffic engineering specialist company, Traviation can support the national, local and regional German transport authorities and cities by enabling data-driven decision-making automated operations and prioritisations of specific road user groups.

Opportunities for sustainable mobility in Germany

A recent sector study about sustainable mobility in Germany shows that the German government and industry want to make the transition into more sustainable and smart mobility. One of the significant challenges they face is city logistics. Also, in this case, the Netherlands is often seen as the best practice. The Dutch UDAP(Urban Data Access Platform) system has been adopted nationwide and even is the leading C-ITS example worldwide.

Partnership to take the lead in smart mobility transition

“We are confident that by implementing TLEX® in the German market, we can lay the foundations for a nationwide smart mobility platform that will benefit all actors in the ecosystem, from road authorities to drivers and from equipment manufacturers to service providers. Traviation has the right experience and connections in the German traffic industry to make this partnership valuable throughout the ecosystem and across the Federal States (Bundesländer).”, says Peter Henkst, CEO and founder of Traviation.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, adds, “I am confident that combining our knowledge and experience with Traviation’s is the best step forward to start the smart mobility revolution across Germany.”

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TLEX I2V-platform

Een zeer schaalbaar platform ontworpen voor omgevingen met meerdere leveranciers waarin grote aantallen apparaten en/of sensoren realtime gegevens uitwisselen. Naast ongeëvenaarde prestaties en schaalbaarheid zijn de hoogste normen voor beveiliging en privacy de belangrijkste kenmerken.

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