Monotch and TraffGo Road announce partnership

Dutch-based C-ITS market leader Monotch and TraffGo Road, a subsidiary of international Information & Communications group Materna, join forces to bring TLEX® to the German market.

TraffGo Road has over 20 years of experience in the mobility IT market. The new partner company that develops intelligent IT concepts and solutions for municipalities and state administrations will be the visible company in the roll-out of the Cooperative Intelligent Transport System TLEX®, designed by Monotch. This partnership will lay the foundation of smart and scalable solutions for better mobility in Germany.

Bringing the future of mobility to Germany

Building on the expertise and the local knowledge of TraffGo Road, the cooperation supports the scalable deployment of C-ITS services to enable more sustainable, safer and more efficient mobility on German roads. With the Traffic Live Exchange platform (TLEX®), the powerful platform that is the proven foundation for connected mobility and digital infrastructure, both partners are convinced that road authorities and road users can start claiming smart mobility benefits shortly.

Partnership leading the way in smart mobility transition

“We are confident that implementing TLEX® in the German market lays the foundations for a smart mobility platform that will benefit all actors in the ecosystem, from road authorities to drivers and from equipment manufacturers to service providers. TraffGo Road has the experience and connections in the German mobility industry to make this partnership valuable throughout the ecosystem and across the Federal States (Bundesländer),” says Dr. Joachim Wahle, Managing Director of TraffGo Road.

“Through this partnership, we are confident that we can challenge and change the mobility landscape in Germany. This is the best step forward to start the smart mobility revolution across Germany,” confirms René Fritz-Mekas, Business Development Manager DACH from Monotch.

About Materna Group

Het Materna Group was founded in 1980. Today, the privately-held company includes several subsidiaries and holdings. Together, the group generates a turnover of 554 million euros (2022). The subsidiaries’ services are integral to the Materna portfolio for implementing IT and digitisation projects. On the market, Materna appears as a group of companies and markets all services along the value chain from a single source.

About TraffGo Road

TraffGo Road ontwikkelt intelligente IT-concepten en IT-oplossingen voor gemeenten en overheidsinstellingen op het gebied van multimodale verkeersinformatie en voor de geautomatiseerde verwerking, evaluatie en visualisatie van grote verkeersdatabases. Zij pakken innovatieve concepten op en implementeren deze bijvoorbeeld in de Smart City-omgeving. TraffGo Road is opgericht in 2001 en heeft ruim 20 jaar ervaring in de markt van mobiliteitsoplossingen.

Over Monotch

Founded in 2015, Monotch is a fast-growing international company in the smart mobility market. With direct support from its (partner) offices in The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and the UK, the company internationally deploys the Traffic Live Exchange Platform (TLEX®), the most progressive smart mobility platform. This powerful platform is the proven foundation for connected mobility and digital infrastructure that makes traffic talk. With nationwide implementations of this C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System), such as in the Netherlands and other European countries, Monotch is paving the way for a smarter mobility future.

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