Mobilidata launches Interchange

The Mobilidata program just realised the release of the Interchange platform.

During the first quarter of 2022, the implementation of a cloud platform that connects intelligent traffic lights in Flanders and enables information exchange with road users was the main focus of the Mobilidata program. During this second quarter of the year, the focus was on the extension of this platform. This is done with the deployment of the Interchange, the component that partners will use to exchange information.

Communication between all intelligent mobility actors in Flanders

The Mobilidata program has a set of sharp mobility objectives to improve:

  • traffic safety,
  • traffic flow,
  • sustainability,
  • and liveability for all road users in Flanders, regardless of their mode of transport.

Mobilidata uses technology to bring together anonymous traffic data openly and in real-time in one place, making it accessible to stakeholders working to improve mobility.

This involves data from:

  • apps;
  • road infrastructure;
  • and government systems.

The traffic light cloud platform and the interchange platform lay the foundation for the standardised and quality data architecture, which allows the development of solutions that enable two-way communication between road users and the road infrastructure.

Mobilidata realises this together with public and private partners, of which Monotch is one. Together, the partners will open existing information silos and encourage cooperation between all actors within the mobility system in an environment which complies with privacy legislation.

The most advanced Interchange in the world

We dare to state that the Mobilidata program has implemented the most advanced C-ITS Interchange available worldwide. The newly installed platform better manages the flow of data, allows for better governance, is more efficient, and actively manages where the information goes. Perhaps the most significant feature of the Interchange is that it will enable cross-border, intergovernmental data exchange, making sure that road users can keep using the same service when travelling across Europe. At the same time, road users benefit from all traffic-related data exchange, which will give them the most optimal travelling experience.

Flanders is the first region to implement the interchange large-scale, a real-life program, not a small POC (proof of concept) or pilot. The interchange exchanges ITS (Intelligent Transport System) data, including Flander’s intelligent traffic light controllers (iTLCs).

Both the traffic light cloud platform and the interchange used in the Mobilidata program were developed by Monotch. The rollout of the Mobilidata subproject, of which the delivery of the TLEX® and the Interchange is part, is being carried out by a consortium of companies led by our deployment partner Be-Mobile.

A more detailed whitepaper on the technical design and setup of the mobilidata environment is available for download now.

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