Best service to German ITS mobility market

Understanding the needs and challenges is essential to give the German ITS market the best support regarding smart mobility platforms. That is why Monotch became a member of the ITS mobility in Germany.

ITS mobility is the largest competence cluster for smart mobility in Germany. They have many members from the economy, science, federations, cities and communities. This German association focuses on future mobility and innovative technologies that will make traffic safer and more efficient. A perfect fit for Monotch!

Bring ITS experts and the ecosystem together

“We are pleased that Monotch has joined our network. Especially in the field of cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS – Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems), platforms and systems that can connect the entire mobility ecosystem are becoming increasingly important,” says Thomas Krause, CEO of ITS mobility e. V

“We are happy to have joined ITS mobility in Germany. Their network and knowledge of the German market will give us the best insight into the local needs and challenges,” René Fritz-Mekas, Business Development Manager DACH, at Monotch, confirms.

Focus on the German market

“To give the best service, we have the best software platform but also connect with the best network around us. We now have a German office and German-based staff, our German partner Traviation Digital Services, and membership with the largest German network in ITS since December. Everything to help the local governments, cities and road authorities to create the best and fastest deployment of a smart mobility system is falling into place,” Menno Malta, CEO and founder of Monotch, concludes.

Fortunately, we know from experience that every new project has challenges, but we can also draw from our existing knowledge and extensive platform features. With deployments already done in The Nederland, België, Finland en Sweden, a new project in Germany will be the next step to our growing international implementations.

About ITS mobility – the largest network for intelligent mobility in Germany

ITS mobility is the cluster for intelligent mobility in Germany. They are a non-profit association with around 230 members. These include large industrial partners, research institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), associations and municipalities, networks and experts focusing on northern Germany.

ITS mobility in Germany deals with future mobility and innovative technologies that make traffic safer and more efficient. Their goal is to network business and science in this field and to get experts talking to each other. To this end, they initiate and accompany specialist events and projects on key topics of intelligent mobility.

ITS mobility benefits not only from more than 20 years of experience but also from the bundled know-how in its network.

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