Data sharing platform for NordicWay 3 live

Earlier this year, we reported on the participation in NordicWay 3. In July, Monotch already launched the data exchange node connected to TLEX I2V. The Scandinavian C-ITS programme and the associated pilots both enable vehicles, infrastructure and network operators to communicate safety hazards and other information from roads in the Nordic countries between different stakeholders. […]

TLEX technology reduces nuisance in Scheveningen

The enforcement organisation of The Hague has its hands full with reducing the nuisance on and around the boulevard of Scheveningen. In one month, the hotline receives about a thousand reports about parking problems, traffic violations, noise nuisance, and other undesirable behaviour resulting from drug use, especially nitrous oxide. Tackling nuisance narcotics in Scheveningen In […]

Monotch joins NordicWay 3 programme

Recently Dutch ITS experts from Monotch have joined the NordicWay 3 programme. As an implementing body in the Swedish consortium, they are a welcome addition to NordicWay 3 because they bring valuable C-ITS user experience and new C-ITS applications. The Dutch smart mobility platform company specialises in connecting data, transactions, and services in the mobility […]

Camera system efficiently registers seaport containers

Port of Moerdijk and industrial estate De Entree have applied innovations. A new mast, equipped with an innovative camera system, was recently installed at the entrance gate of the site to test the registration of containers. This way, there will be a better view of the transport of dangerous goods, and companies can also use […]

Data platform UDAP is the new smart mobility standard

smart mobility

The Dutch Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) has been live since the 1st of January 2021: offering one central data platform where all information about smart mobility can be received and sent. Menno Malta, the founder of Monotch and supplier of the software for the platform and accompanying dashboard, explains how it works in the […]

Smart routing with TLEX

Road authorities and technology vendors inform service providers about applied traffic measures in the ‘Slim sturen’ (Smart Routing) project from SmartwayZ.NL. All to influence traffic flows and provide road users with even better information. By providing them with accurate and up-to-date travel information, service providers can inform their users about adapted driving routes in case […]

Monotch wins European tender for Dutch Urban Data Access Platform

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has selected Monotch as the supplier of a nationwide C-ITS platform that will provide data exchange between road users and roadside systems such as intelligent traffic control systems, barriers and sensors. The C-ITS platform, called UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform), will contribute to traffic flow, road safety, and […]

Webinar infra data Brabant Logistics hotspots

Website image - webinar LCB DALI

UPDATE: You can now watch the recording of the webinar on YouTube Discover the opportunities of infrastructural data for Brabant logistics hotspots during an LCB webinar on 17 September 2020 Imagine that available data can contribute to a better traffic flow for business parks and cities. On top of that, camera recognition provides a better […]

DALI: a gold mine of logistics data

Data is becoming increasingly important in our society and economy. However, the supply chain sector still has to take steps to utilise all available data. Valuable information only arises when we process, relate and analyse the data. New insights emerge by exposing trends, patterns and mutual relationships in data. Data Science for Logistics Innovation Under […]

Fuel savings for trucks using C-ITS


Trucks connected to iTLCs (intelligent traffic light controllers) consume substantially less fuel than regular trucks. That is the first result of the ‘Connected Transport Corridors’ project. Five hundred trucks that do not have to stop five times a day can save a transport company nearly € 1 million. Within the project, the enthusiasm to participate […]