Monotch and Royal HaskoningDHV announce global smart mobility partnership

Independent consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV and innovative C-ITS platform developer Monotch have announced a partnership to deliver a smart mobility ecosystem with global potential.

The partnership brings together Royal HaskoningDHV’s Flowtack smart traffic light control solution and Monotch’s Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform.

Data harnessed from road users can now be processed by TLEX® and fed into Flowtack to continuously analyse, predict and optimise traffic flows. With Flowtack’s smart signal management, traffic flows smoothly and efficiently across and around a city, creating a greener, cleaner environment with greater control for transport authorities.

Partnership to spearhead the mobility transition

Traffic congestion has surged in cities across the world, placing huge demands on city authorities and transport planners. It has never been so important for cities to be accessible, allowing traffic to move freely without impacting the environment.

The TLEX® platform from Monotch and the Flowtack solution from Royal HaskoningDHV align seamlessly to overcome this, creating a new level of flexibility for road and city authorities to create safe, sustainable and efficient mobility.

Menno Malta, CEO, Monotch said: “Monotch is always looking to expand the mobility ecosystem with partners across different disciplines. We are, therefore, delighted that Royal HaskoningDHV is coming on board as a solutions partner. Our technologies and expertise combined will allow us to improve the way cities manage traffic flow.”

Bart Humblet, Director Sustainable Mobility at Royal HaskoningDHV spoke about the partnership: “For smart mobility to be truly successful, we need to take a long-term perspective. The key is to develop actionable transport plans and strategies that leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technology. This partnership with Monotch enables us to jointly take the next step and spearhead the mobility transition to improve the way the world moves. The global data from TLEX now enables us to demonstrate the benefits of Flowtack and the full data supply chain to road authorities using live, local data.”

About Monotch

Monotch is the decisive C-ITS data aggregator that enables safer, more sustainable and more efficient road transportation. They do so through their Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platforms. Monotch is recognised as leading in the European smart mobility industry with its award-winning platform. TLEX is connecting data, services and transactions. The company helps customers to respond to the latest mobility trends and challenges. Monotch improves traffic flow and offers solutions for smart traffic and smart travelling, thereby contributing to safe, smart, and sustainable mobility.

About Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent international engineering and project management consultancy, with a track record in innovations and smart solutions for a more sustainable future. Increasing urbanization and rapidly changing behaviours from a new generation are putting our transport systems under pressure, demanding more sustainable mobility. Augmented by new technologies, these factors are converging to reshape our mobility system as we know it. We call this revolution the mobility transition and Royal HaskoningDHV is helping cities navigate it.

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