Monotch prolongs ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications

We just got confirmation that Monotch passed the ISO9001 recertification. At the same time, we were notified that the control audit for ISO27001 was positive and that we comply to keep our existing certification.

Recertification purposes ISO9001

The purpose of the recertification audit for our ISO9001 was to assess/establish the following:

  • The effectiveness of our management system as a whole in the light of internal and external changes and its continued relevance and applicability within the scope of our certification;
  • To demonstrate commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and improvements of the management system to increase the overall performance of the management system;
  • The effectiveness of our management system concerning achieving our objectives and the intended results of the management system.

“I took over as Security Officer from Paul Potters after last year’s recertification audits. The audit week was very intense but also exciting. With my Monotch colleagues, we ensured everyone updated their processes where necessary.” Ingeborg Malta, Security Officer at Monotch, confirms.

ISO27001 audit control

As the ISO27001 only needs to be recertified once every three years, we had the auditing company control our ISO27001 processes this year. This control audit aims to confirm that our management system for information security is implemented, maintained and improved.

The auditing company confirmed that also our ISO27001 is still complying with the demands set for this certification.

What does ISO certification bring to Monotch customers?

Both ISO certificates check if Monotch works as it says it does, keeping its customers satisfied and ensuring its products comply with the highest security standards. Monotch continues to bring unique smart mobility platforms to the world, providing services to the highest standards and keeping customer satisfaction as a focus.

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