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Monotch and Dynniq announce global partnership

Monotch and Dynniq announce a global partnership to speed up further C-ITS rollout. The use of mobile equipment and the rise of the Internet of Things offer unprecedented opportunities to manage mobility smarter and more efficient. Data technology allows people, devices and systems to communicate and share information. This also applies to Cooperative ITS, which enables the communication between vehicles and infrastructure. By using real-time data exchange, road users are better informed; traffic can be prioritised based on their characteristics and traffic flows can be further optimised. Dynniq and Monotch have joined forces to make ITS data exchange more accessible and make existing technology even smarter with a global partnership.

Thanks to smart technology, Dynniq connects road users with roadside systems. This enables in-car information, which helps road users to make better decisions. And generate traffic information that is used to help road authorities to manage traffic more efficiently. Cooperative ITS will play an increasingly important role in informing road users on speed, accidents, approaching emergency services etc. Monotch developed a unique data exchange platform called TLEX I2V, realising a real-time data flow with different objects from different suppliers of various road authorities, made available for solutions from multiple service providers.

A solid basis for further rollout of C-ITS technology

By entering into a global partnership, both parties can strengthen each other. Thanks to the partnership, technology supplier Dynniq can better respond to the government’s desire to realise a central Cooperative ITS data hub. This enables an increase in Cooperative ITS services and offers numerous revenue opportunities such as upgrading roadside systems and Cooperative ITS applications, data analysis etc. Dynniq and Monotch have previously worked together in the Talking Traffic partnership and European projects such as C-Mobile, MAVEN and GLOSA and turned the C-ITS architecture into a solid foundation for sustainable, safe and smart urban mobility.

The combined market-ready solutions significantly contribute to traffic prioritisation, traffic optimisation and real-time information to road users. Both companies believe that collaboration is essential for the further rollout of C-ITS technology. The implementation of C-ITS and fully autonomous vehicles remains dependent on the supporting infrastructure, regulations and cooperation between interested parties.

“Thanks to the interface with TLEX I2V from Monotch, we can make our traffic control equipment even smarter. In addition, the interface can be used to improve service provision to special road users such as emergency services and trucks. This allows us to serve our customers optimally, ”says Peter Broekroelofs, CDO Dynniq Group.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, is also pleased with the global partnership with Dynniq. “This is a great way to connect our expertise and technology. This cooperation clearly shows that ecosystem solutions are the basis for improving the mobility system. And that Dynniq and Monotch are proactively working on C-ITS.”

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We help manage mobility flows in our society through advanced ITS technology solutions. Our mission is to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently. These are exciting and dynamic times as new technologies, opportunities, and businesses disrupt the traditional traffic management market. This is the world we live in, and this is the world in which we, as Dynniq, make a difference by touching the lives of millions of people every day.

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