Monotch becomes 5GAA member

Monotch today announces its membership in 5GAA – a global, cross-industry organisation of companies from the automotive, technology and telecoms industries, working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services.

Having a 5G network is a massive benefit to modern societies, especially concerning the digitalisation of mobility. As such, the membership of Monotch in the 5GAA is only natural.

Mobility ecosystem connected

The mission of the 5G Automotive Association is to bridge the automotive and telecommunication industries to address society’s connected mobility needs bringing inclusive access to smarter, safer and environmentally sustainable services and solutions, integrated into intelligent road transportation and traffic management.

Monotch has already developed a part of the solution with its C-ITS platform. This data exchange platform brings all actors in the mobility ecosystem together. Using 5G in combination with TLEX® makes mobility data exchange even more reliable.

Proven C-ITS technology

Currently, Monotch realises large-scale C-ITS use-cases based on 4G mobile networks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Norway. These experiences provide essential input to the 5GAA efforts, bringing projects from technology to deployment.

In addition, working with both OEMs and Mobile Network Operators in the 5GAA community allows Monotch to improve its ability to solve the C-ITS-related challenges in the mobility ecosystem.

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