Monotch Collaborates in Groundbreaking V2X Technology Partnership to Improve Road Worker Safety in New Zealand

Monotch, a leading provider of intelligent mobility solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration in a revolutionary V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology project aimed at enhancing the safety of road workers in New Zealand.

The project, led by Project Manager Mike Steere, is a consortium of safety-focused and civil engineering companies addressing critical challenges around the safety of road workers.

Consortium to deliver V2X project

Monotch, providing the data exchange platform, is part of a consortium that will deliver this project in 2024. Next to Monotch, Cohda Wireless, Fulton Hogan, Resolve Group, and Haumaru Health & Safety are part of the consortium. Project Manager Mike Steere is the driving force who brought this consortium together. Each consortium partner has experience in (road) safety or infrastructure.

Alarming number of road worker fatalities

The project aims to address the alarming statistics of road worker fatalities and accidents in New Zealand, with approximately 40 deaths or serious injuries reported on road works sites annually. To counter these challenges, the collaboration will implement a Proof of Concept (POC) using small-scale deployment involving multiple devices across various road works vehicles.

Data collection on road work warnings

The official contract was signed at the end of 2023. Currently, preparatory work is taking place for the POC implementation, which is set to start in April and will last three months on the roads. During this time, the consortium will prove the ability to provide warnings from road works to other road users.

In addition, the initiative includes obtaining feedback from various users. Their experiences and perceived challenges will be crucial in refining the technology for future scalability.

To deepen insights, the project will cover several sites, in the Wellington and Nelson regions, with potential expansion to Christchurch. The mixture of rural and urban sites and static and mobile road works operations will ensure a diverse data collection.

Digital Infrastructure Pioneering

This project marks the first digital infrastructure initiative for mobility in New Zealand, showcasing Monotch’s innovative approach and its TLEX solution.

“Working with Monotch and using their experience and expertise in this innovative project is exciting. Because of the proven technology, I am confident this Proof of Concept will work as expected. Perhaps our biggest learning will be to understand the perceived challenges we must overcome in New Zealand.”, says Mike Steere, Project Manager for the Road Works Warning POC project.

The project aims to demonstrate the innovative technology platform that allows for real-time and bi-directional data exchange based on cellular networks. It will showcase data flow from road works vehicles to in-car messages for road users via navigation apps such as Waze and Google Maps. Success will be measured by the effectiveness of the technology and the lessons learned from various user groups.

The global leader in ITS

“I’m excited to start this new project in New Zealand. This country is looking at the future of mobility and wants to implement the best and proven solutions available. We are confident that we, together with the consortium partners, provide an amazing learning experience.”, confirms Gary Lin, Business Development Manager for Monotch.

Monotch is involved in many European projects, including the well-known Talking Traffic, Mobilidata and NordicWay programs. The company has been recognized internationally with several awards and is the market leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Menno Malta, CEO and Founder of Monotch, adds, “Our TLEX platform provides the foundation for digital infrastructure and connected vehicles. We have already done many projects throughout Europe, showcasing the potential of bi-directional and real-time mobility data exchange to make journeys safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Doing our first project on another continent really makes us the world-leading company in ITS.”

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