Monotch partners in GLOSA “driver assistant” project

At the end of January, SmartwayZ.NL teamed up with a dozen public and private parties, including car manufacturer Ford, at the Automotive Campus in Helmond to test a driver assistant.

The test was used to determine if and how ‘GLOSA’ (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice) can be used for driver assistance and comfort services.

How can GLOSA improve mobility?

With GLOSA, drivers could be informed about approaching red lights well in advance. It could even advise driving speeds for smoothly passing through the green light. GLOSA could also help road authorities better manage traffic, reduce emissions, and increase safety and comfort. The technology behind GLOSA ensures communication between cars and smart traffic lights. The aim is that the driver gets in-car speed advice to get green at the next traffic light.

Monotch provided the interface to unlock the data from the intelligent traffic lights. The company made data communication available via an IF2 interface to Ford’s test vehicles.

Testing GLOSA driver assistant

The test day on 31 January was successful, and we gained many insights for follow-up tests. It allows us to give the driver realistic speed advice because with this GLOSA “driver assistant”, a lot can be achieved. The journey becomes much more relaxed and comfortable for the driver.

In addition, it also dramatically reduces emissions. Because of a better traffic flow, there is less need for braking and accelerating. When the time really comes, it will also lead to less delay.

The future awaits GLOSA

GLOSA is not an existing technology, but it is a technology that can be of added value for the user and car manufacturers, service providers, and road authorities. For the latter group, GLOSA can be used in a “light variant” as a steering tool, provided that the intersections continue to work well, of course. This means much more testing to get from development to deployment.

Working together on the “driving assistant” project

Parties in the SmartwayZ.NL within this project are BeMobile, Connected Signals, Dynniq, MAPtm, Monotch, Sweco, Swarco, Vialis, V-tron and Technolution. Several authorities are also affiliated, including the municipality of Breda and Helmond and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

SmartwayZ.NL wrote a press release on this test day.

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