Smart Mobility Platforms

Fine-tune traffic flow using TLEX

The Netherlands has about 5,000 traffic light controllers (TLCs), of which 350 now are iTLC (intelligent traffic light controllers). Several hundred iTLCs are in preparation.

The implementation is going much slower than initially expected – especially in large cities – because the matter is complex and standardisation takes time. Normally, traffic lights are depreciated over 15 years. The intention is that at least 1,000 more iTLCs will be added by 2023.

Smart intersections

A smart intersection sees traffic arriving earlier. This helps to regulate the flow in more detail or to give the fire service and ambulance free rein. Alternatively, other special traffic groups can also be given priority. Think of a bus with a delay or a heavily loaded truck that can better continue driving to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Live traffic data

Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) from Monotch, a platform for live traffic data, provides the data connection between all iTLCs and road users in the Netherlands. The realisation of TLEX arose as a collaborative project between Monotch and Swarco as part of the Partnership Talking Traffic. The idea of ​​Talking Traffic is that the traffic light talks back: the driver sees whether the light is green or red on his phone. How long you have to wait depends on the traffic rules. And these are already quite complex for traditional TLCs.

You can read the complete article on the NRC site.