“By using the Car Parking Netherlands API we can offer our members a complete and detailed parking advice using one API.”

The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) founded in 1883 with 4.4 million members, the largest association in the Netherlands, is an association that offers a wide range of services related to roadside assistance, travel information products and many other products in the areas of recreation, tourism and mobility. We spoke to Program Manager Travel Information: Bart Stroobants. According to Stroobants: “We’re aiming to give our members the best route information and support during their travels. Parking is becoming of increasing importance in this.” In order to achieve that, ANWB build an online route planner and application including traffic information, but quickly extended the application with a parking functionality. In order to


give substance to this new functionality they needed complete, detailed and up-to-date parking data of the Netherlands. 


"Parking information was only available through tens of different channels and providers"

ANWB had started with a traffic information application, but soon extended this with parking functionality. Bart Stroobants: “We wanted to minimalize the amount of actions that our members need to take in order to start and end a parking transaction.” To achieve this the ANWB was in need of all Dutch parking information consisting of on-street parking, including polygons with tariff information and zone codes, and off-street parking facilities consisting of locations and tariff information. Beside the parking data API of Monotch, this parking information was only available through tens different channels and providers like municipalities or private providers of carparks and garages. 

Monotch makes all Dutch parking data available through one ready to use and easy to integrate API. A personalized access key gives access to this parking data. The API consists of all parking information ANWB needs to execute the new parking functionality. Monotch is continuously expanding the data sources e.g. by adding P+R and carpool locations. Currently Monotch is adding all dates and tariffs of Sunday shopping and Monotch is investigating the possibilities for adding information on parking for disabled people. Monotch has equipped a support portal for technical issues of their clients and for changes in parking data for municipalities. These support tickets are reviewed and solved by the data-team of Monotch on a daily basis. 


"The only provider who combines all parking data sources in one complete API"

Monotch is the only provider who combines all parking data sources and offers it as one complete API. “ANWB did not want to manage an increasing amount of data providers” according to Stroobants. “Moreover with the Car Parking Netherlands API we can advise our members on different tariffs for on-street and off-street parking facilities, but also give alternatives like park & ride and/or carpool locations”.


"We work closely together to maintain the highest quality"

Product Manager, data-team and development-team work closely together to assure and maintain the high quality of the Car Parking Netherlands API. Product Manager, Danielle van Houtum, is the contact person for ANWB and coordinates the activities of the data- and development-team. “ANWB wants to innovate their travel application by extending the parking data. We are very happy we can provide this parking data. Moreover the end-users of the ANWB travel application are involved with feedback on the functionality of the application, which helps us to maintain our high standards in parking data”


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