Provide in vehicle warnings of approaching emergency vehicles

Traffic congestions and non-reactions from drivers in the path of emergency vehicles often lead to unsafe traffic situations and even accidents. They can also be the difference between life and death for the patients in need and road.

With Monotch’s solution, the range of emergency vehicle alerts is extended and broadcasted directly inside the vehicle, giving drivers ample time to make the right decisions to provide a safe way.

How emergency vehicle warning works

When emergency vehicles are in action, the onboard units send the (anonymised) vehicle positional data to its service platform, then forward service providers via TLEX. Service providers can then warn their users of the incoming emergency vehicles in the vicinity or on the user’s route via the OBU /APP.

Proven Benefits Emergency Vehicle Warning

The proven benefits for this use-case includes the reduction in emergency assistance response time, extending the range of emergency vehicle alerts and the improvement of road safety.

How it impacts road users

  • 0.8% reduction in fatalities and a 0.8% reduction in injuries on road users
  • 2.1% reduction in accidents involving emergency vehicles

Whitepaper 'Emergency Vehicle Approaching'

Would you like to learn and read more about EVA messages? We now have a free whitepaper available on this topic. It’s called: “Warning Road Users of Approaching Vehicles”. This whitepaper explains how a C-ITS platform can help to improve traffic safety related to emergency calls.


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