Data chain for Digital Traffic Management Rules project

In the MobilitymoveZ.NL Digital Traffic Management Rules project, road operators are making traffic measures available to service providers to provide better travel information to road users. In this way, service providers can solve traffic problems in the region.

This includes providing accurate and up-to-date travel information and informing road users about changed driving routes. The “Digital Traffic Management Rules” project lays the foundation for sharing this strategic traffic management information with service providers and road users.

Most socially desirable routes

When road operators share their network vision with service providers, they can then inform road users about using traffic management rules and advise the most socially desirable routes, for example, in case of road works, events and accidents. This allows service providers to support road operators in achieving policy goals.

Monotch plays a vital role in the realisation of a technical data chain in which information is collected (for example, from traffic centres), then prepared for distribution by an intermediary and then distributed to the service provider for information processing in applications to disseminate travel information among (road) users.

The operational implementation of the technical data chain is currently underway, possibly using existing solutions such as TLEX.

About MobilitymoveZ.NL

MobilitymoveZ.NL is an experimental environment in which both private and public parties are testing smart mobility solutions to meet future social challenges. The focus lies in developing connected autonomous driving combined with electrical propulsion and on-demand services. Thanks to experimentation, development and practice in the real world, it gradually becomes clear what works and what does not concerning personal and goods transport.

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