Menno Malta

CEO & Founder Monotch


As an avid advocate of secure open data exchange, Menno started Monotch in 2015 with Paul Potters. Monotch realizes safe, smart and sustainable mobility by connecting data, services and transactions. Together Paul and Menno developed the Traffic Live Exchange Platform (TLEX), in which real-time data flows are used in all kinds of applications in the entire mobility ecosystem.

Monotch realized real-time data exchange from roadside equipment and traffic control systems from different owners and suppliers to road users.  The C-ITS platform, called TLEX I2V Plattform (infrastructure-to-vehicle), is already used in several European countries and today processes over 1.4 billion messages per day. Monotch proved that TLEX® could deliver about 95 billion messages per 24 hours during their latest stress test. It also allows for over 10,000 intersections to be connected.

In 2019, Monotch was awarded the Automotive Innovation Award, the Automotive Brand Contest Award at IAA Frankfurt, and Monotch was among the best mobility start-ups of the EU Startup Prize. Monotch is also involved in renowned European mobility projects such as "Talking Traffic", Intercor, CONCORDA und NordicWay 3.

The most comprehensive implementations of TLEX can be found in The Netherlands, with the UDAP (Urban Data Access Platform) deployment and in Flanders, Belgium, with the Mobilidata project.

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