Bob randsdorp

Director Business Development Smart Mobility at Royal HaskoningDHV


When something is annoying, you can do two things: accept it or try to do something about it. Bob Randsdorp chose the latter. Time is a precious thing, and standing still in traffic is not what he wants when travelling to new adventures.

Bob’s career so far is about improving mobility, fighting traffic, and coming up with smart solutions to increase the efficient usage of our modes of transportation. While climate is changing and the need for people to be on the move, more than ever, there is a need for intelligent transportation solutions.

As a Director of Business Development in the field of smart mobility, specializing in traffic management, public-private partnerships, and ITS software development and who’s passionate about finding solutions for mobility challenges, this is an exciting time. We must strive to solve a huge social problem that affects everyone on the planet. We can do this with the enormous amount of real-time crowd-sourced data by turning that into information and tools that can help to find solutions to improve mobility.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the smart mobility ecosystem at both public and private organizations in various roles, such as Adviser Traffic Management, Senior Product Manager, Sales Director and currently Director of Business Development, Bob and his team are helping all sorts of mobility stakeholders to ease their lives during their daily commute, professional business, or traffic management responsibilities.

Bob is convinced that no single organisation has the ultimate solution to solve everything. Partnerships in this ecosystem are crucial to connect all the stakeholders. Bob thrives on the development and deployment of scalable, innovative solutions in smart mobility, creating valuable (public-private) partnerships, and leading people into the future of transportation and mobility.

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