TLEX unlocks C-ITS capabilities in RSMP

RSMP-standardised traffic lights and roadside equipment in the Nordics can now communicate in a standardised and scalable manner with road users using a newly available functionality in the Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform provided by Monotch.

Global C-ITS pioneer Monotch released a solution that allows RSMP data translation into ETSI C-ITS messages. This facilitates use cases such as priority based on vehicle data and Time to Green/GLOSA with very low latency.

The challenge of cross-border services

RSMP (Road Side Message Protocol) is the most commonly used standard in the Nordics. It allows for communication between traffic lights and roadside equipment on one hand and central monitoring and traffic management systems on the other.

National and regional message protocols such as RSMP serve a clear purpose. However,  for service providers and car OEMs, the variety of standards and data quality make it challenging to realise cross-border services. As a result, available data is not used, and road users do not get the optimal information during their travels. This, in turn, increases the challenges for road authorities to realise their traffic efficiency and safety goals.

Optimising data exchange: benefits beyond borders

The RSMP functionality in the Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform provides SPAT and MAP messages to service providers and all messages needed to provide priority (SRM and SSM). For the MAP messages, TLEX® leverages the functionality of the MAP repository that was already available.

Monotch has previously successfully implemented similar ‘translation functionality’ for other local standards, e.g. in The Netherlands and Belgium. These features provide service providers with a transparent setup that they can use already today in multiple European countries.

The benefits it provides the road authorities by connecting the data are numerous. It allows for:

  • Low latency communication with service providers using internationally standardised messaging formats;
  • Quality control, KPIs and alerts via dashboards;
  • Control of data sharing by road authorities;
  • Combining other TLC-related solutions Monotch offers, such as MAP file quality control and MAP file repository.

Prepare for a digital mobility future

Traffic digitalisation is already happening. Today, it’s a tool that helps (road) authorities implement their policies to achieve safer, more efficient and more sustainable traffic. Tomorrow, it will be a prerequisite to introduce the next generation of autonomous cars. Sticking to the status quo will be a deterioration by default. The RSMP data tool that is now available helps to make this digital mobility transition fast, affordable, and with minimal resources.

Empowering real-time data exchange

To make optimal use of the data from traffic lights and other roadside equipment in a C-ITS environment, TLEX® is the most advanced system in the market. Using TLEX® allows bi-directional, real-time data exchange between equipment and road users.

Act now for a smart mobility revolution

In conclusion, Monotch urges decision-makers in road authorities to seize the opportunity to revolutionise traffic management and enhance road user experiences. Monotch’s innovative Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform offers a seamless solution to bridge communication gaps between RSMP-standardised (or any other protocol-standard) equipment and road users in real-time.

Don’t let your region fall behind. Reach out to our Nordics agent, Digitraffic or contact us directly to embark on this transformative journey towards a smarter and more connected transportation ecosystem. Together, we can shape the future of mobility.

Über Monotch

Founded in 2015, Monotch is a fast-growing international company in the smart mobility market. With direct support from its (partner) offices in The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Belgium, Finland, Sweden and the UK, the company internationally deploys the Traffic Live Exchange Platform (TLEX®), the most progressive smart mobility platform. This powerful platform is the proven foundation for connected mobility and digital infrastructure that makes traffic talk. With nationwide implementations of this C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System), such as in the Netherlands and other European countries, Monotch is paving the way for a smarter mobility future.

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