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About Partner Cycledata envisions that with global challenges such as material scarcity & urbanization, bicycles will have a greater role in our pursuit for long

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About Partner We help to manage energy and mobility flows in our society through advanced technology solutions. Our mission is to enable people, data and

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About Partner ViNotion is a specialist in the field of video content analysis. Using innovative techniques such as Machine- and Deep Learning, ViNotion creates products

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About Partner MAPtm is a service provider in the domain of traffic management. Apart from traditional traffic management, MAPtm explores new innovative services based on

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About partner Locatienet is known to the public in the Netherlands from, the well-known online route planner for many years. Our core business is

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About Partner Sentors delivers solutions to recognize shipping containers, and related aspects such as license plates, dangerous goods and train wagons. We have developed a

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About Partner Nodeon is a Finnish technology specialist with key expertise in smart traffic solutions and is especially active in the urban and inter-urban environment

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About Partner TriOpSys is specialized in the design, build and support of Mission Critical Systems in the domains of Traffic Management, Public Safety & Security,

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Mobility Sensing

About Partner The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is making a mark in traffic and transport monitoring. Mobility Sensing is leading the way by developing, deploying and operating

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Costain Limited

About Partner Costain’s purpose is to improve people’s lives by helping to: connect and keep the nation moving: keep water clean and flowing: power communities

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