Monotch joins NordicWay 3 programme

Recently Dutch ITS experts from Monotch have joined the NordicWay 3 programme. As an implementing body in the Swedish consortium, they are a welcome addition to NordicWay 3 because they bring valuable C-ITS user experience and new C-ITS applications.

The Dutch smart mobility platform company specialises in connecting data, transactions, and services in the mobility ecosystem. It is also the just-launched Dutch Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) data link supplier. This nationwide C-ITS platform receives data from roadside systems like intelligent traffic control systems, barriers, bollards and sensors and automatically sends this to the road authorities. Conversely, UDAP also receives (anonymised) travel and vehicle-related data from road users. In addition to using its TLEX I2V software platform for UDAP, Monotch also monitors the quality, security, and privacy of the data exchange.

Monotch’s role in NordicWay 3

Monotch’s role in the NordicWay 3 programme is to further develop the Swedish interchange network. According to Gary Lin, International Business Developer at Monotch, the NordicWay 3 programme grants Monotch a unique opportunity to develop and adapt its TLEX I2V platform further. Enhancement of this platform results in a network of functional, scalable, and sustainable interchange nodes that adheres to the needs of the Swedish ecosystem in NordicWay 3. Gary continues, “We look forward to sharing our experiences from C-ITS deployments in the Netherlands. Surely we are excited to incorporate the C-Road standards to our TLEX-Plattform and implement it under new specifications and architectural set-ups that differ from previous deployments.”

Enhancing the TLEX data exchange platform

Monotch’s main objective for this programme is to enhance its TLEX platform by incorporating new functionalities, payloads, and interfaces. Their developments will focus on the requirements and specifications needed to achieve large-scale C-ITS deployment in the Nordic countries. Monotch has joined various working groups, including the Exchange of Nodes working group and the Traffic Signals working group, and aims to contribute to the knowledge gained in Dutch and international ITS projects such as Talking Traffic, Intercor and Concorda. Further refinement will take place in the coming months to ensure project success in the future.

In July 2021, Monotch planned to go live with the Swedish interchange and provide local C-ITS data exchange services for several Proofs-of-Concept throughout the NordicWay 3 programme, e.g. the hybrid initiative in Gothenburg the In-vehicle Signage Proof of Concept.

Contact person: Gary Lin – International Business Developer
Mail: [email protected]

From research to C-ITS deployment in NordicWay 3

C-ITS pilots NordicWay 2 and NordicWay 3 enable vehicles, infrastructure and network operators to communicate safety hazards and other information from roads in the Nordic countries between different stakeholders. The projects collaborate between public and private partners in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The NordicWay concept forms a blueprint for a scalable, interoperable C-ITS implementation with embedded privacy, security and data governance solutions and is coming into operational use. NordicWay2 and 3 build on and develop this successful concept by establishing a federated network with multiple Interchange nodes.

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