Monotch and Be-Mobile announce partnership

At the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, Dutch and Flemish smart mobility specialists, Monotch and Be-Mobile signed a partnership agreement to realise and upscale C-ITS services in the Netherlands, Flanders, France, and the rest of Europe.

With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of a fully operational C-ITS ecosystem which provides many benefits for the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem, such as improving traffic flows and road safety, prioritising road users and reducing emissions. Together, they can serve the entire mobility ecosystem and offer cities, road authorities, and road users excellent opportunities to deploy C-ITS services to their fullest potential.

International V2X platform support

By teaming up for the Dutch, Flemish and French markets, Monotch and Be-Mobile can further promote the benefits of V2X platforms. Monotch provides data flows via the TLEX I2V-Plattform by connecting traffic light controllers and other roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately, road users. This perfectly matches Be-Mobile’s C-ITS platform that enables drivers to instantaneously receive local traffic information and anticipate traffic conditions beyond the windshield and has gained a lot of knowledge about C-ITS use case aggregation. Time-to-red, time-to-green, informing road users about hazardous situations, and traffic light priority, to name but a few.

Tangible benefits and countless C-ITS services

The data flows exchanged by connecting traffic light controllers and other road-side equipment to road operators, and service providers have an enormous potential to improve traffic flows and road safety, prioritise certain road users and reduce emissions. Road authorities can get real-time insights into the traffic situation, guide traffic and implement and analyse traffic policies without implementing expensive roadside communication systems. System integrators can leverage the data to develop innovative solutions. The collected data can be turned into services that offer travellers a seamless driving experience based on personalised advice, making the interaction between driver and roadside systems tangible.

Ready to serve the entire value chain

Both parties continue building on the successful cooperation and realisation of C-ITS use cases in the Netherlands and their joint submission for the Mobilidata programme in Flanders. The Be-Mobile C-ITS data and use case aggregation for emergency vehicles, traffic lights and variable message signs, the Flitsmeister traffic information and payments services and the Monotch data aggregation of the TLEX I2V platform will clearly reinforce each other. The partnership prepares the infrastructure for connected and automated mobility and enables a large-scale roll-out of C-ITS services in Europe. The services can significantly contribute to more sustainable driving, traffic prioritisation, traffic optimisation and real-time traffic information to road users. Road users will directly benefit from the combined market-ready C-ITS solutions such as in-car signage and hazardous situation notifications.

Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch, really enjoys working together. “Be-Mobile and Monotch not only share the vision of C-ITS but also have the drive to provide high-quality and scalable services that directly benefit cities, road authorities and road users.”

Jorn de Vries, CCO at Be-Mobile, adds that all parties have a complementary role. “Together, we can serve the entire value chain. This makes us the ideal partner for cities, road operators and other stakeholders to let C-ITS come to life everywhere in Europe.”

About Be-Mobile and subsidiary Flitsmeister

Be-Mobile is a smart mobility service provider headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. Be-Mobile offers high-quality services in smart mobility, traffic monitoring and management, traffic information, mobile payments and tolling. The most important asset is (big) data from connected vehicles and devices, the so-called Floating Car Data (FCD). In addition, as co-owner, Be-Mobile is also responsible for marketing business-to-business services and data from Flitsmeister. With more than 2,200,000 users, the most famous traffic application in the Netherlands. With a customer portfolio of more than 32 car manufacturers, Be-Mobile is one of Europe’s leading traffic information suppliers with a set of exclusive data.

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