Advance safety through connected vehicles

“Everything connected to everything is a tipping point. Public and private collaboration will develop technology that saves lives, improves traffic, drives commerce and helps the environment.” as stated on the iATL website.

Monotch supports this vision and therefore signed the membership to the Infrastructure Automotive Technology Laboratory (iATL) Partner Alliance.

C-V2X applications

“It is the iATL’s mission to save lives, improve traffic and drive commerce. As a private-sector-led and funded initiative, the organisation is designed to help accelerate the deployment of connected vehicle technology. They do so by bringing together the various industry sectors to create applications that improve safety on American roads,” said Bryan Mulligan, President of Applied Information and Executive Director of the iATL.

“We have much experience in connecting all actors in the smart mobility industry into one platform, our Traffic Live Exchange system. Already, there exist many use cases with our TLEX implementations for which we gladly share our knowledge in this alliance. The focus on safety, improvement of traffic but also on commerce, in the light of our American expansion, feels like a solid match for Monotch,” explains Menno Malta, CEO and founder of Monotch.

Proven C-V2X technology

The iATL founders established the alliance to encourage innovators like Monotch to test connected vehicle technology in a real streetscape setting featuring real-world interferences and obstruction. The primary solution developed by Monotch, the Traffic Live Exchange platform, is already working in the real world with large-scale implementations.

Currently, Monotch realises extensive C-V2X use cases based on 4G mobile networks in the NiederlandeBelgienFinlandSweden and Norway. These experiences provide essential input to the C-V2X applications identified by iATL:

About iATL

The iATL is open to all organisations interested in advanced safety through connected vehicle technology, including departments of transportation, university researchers, planning agencies, automakers, mobile network operators, transportation infrastructure companies, technology companies and transportation industry consultants.

Die iATL was established to encourage innovators to test connected vehicle technology in a real streetscape setting featuring real-world interferences and obstructions.

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