ITS European Congress 2019 activities powered by Monotch technology

At the ITS European Congress, Brainport 2019 early June, Monotch was the driving force behind many congress activities.

Monotch provided the parking data for the Andes route planner for the Mobifestival, the Public Day of the congress. Monotch connected the traffic lights on the ITS Corridor to the Dynniq Greenflow app in the shuttle buses and the VIP cars. Additionally, it exchanged data via the Monotch Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform for the Siemens demonstration and the "Talking Traffic" tour. TLEX technology was also used for the ‘priority facilitation for emergency services’ pilot launched by Dynniq, Province of Noord-Brabant, KPN, and the fire brigade of Helmond during a press kick-off. And more importantly, throughout the week, Monotch demonstrated an operational C-ITS ecosystem in collaboration with partners Swarco, Dynniq, V-Tron, the Province of Noord-Holland and SmartwayZ.NL.

This C-ITS demo showed that real-time data is available from different objects, from competing traffic technology suppliers and various road authorities. The available data is used in solutions from multiple service providers. With the TLEX platform developed by Monotch, all smart traffic lights in the Netherlands can be linked to road users and road authorities. With this first nationwide C-ITS implementation, road users are informed priority can be given to specific traffic and optimised traffic flows. In addition, Monotch’s director of Smart Mobility, Paul Potters, was also active as a speaker in a session on KPIs for Digital Transport Infrastructure and New Mobility Services. So we can say that many of the ITS promises at the ITS European Congress were fulfilled using Monotch technology.

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