Mobilidata in-app mobility notifications live

Starting mid-April, the first 6 out of 31 use cases in the Flemish C-ITS project Mobilidata are live and use the interchange to connect solutions providers.

Whereas Sweden and Norway have the first Interchange Federation in the world, our southern neighbours in Flanders (Belgium) are the first to implement a large-scale interchange.

Cloud platform extension

A year ago, the Belgium consortium that works on Mobilidata implemented the cloud platform that connects to the intelligent traffic lights in Flanders, enabling information exchange with road users. In Early July 2022, Mobilidata extended the cloud platform with a so-called Interchange platform.

This most advanced C-ITS interchange in the world allows better management of data flow and better governance. On top of that, it is also more efficient and actively manages where the information goes.

As with the Nordic Interchange Federation, having the interchange allows other parts of Belgium and cross-border organisations to connect to the Mobilidata interchange.

In-app mobility notifications

The cloud platform and the interchange are the technology basis for solution providers Be-Mobile (app Flitsmeister) and NDrive to connect their applications. Now the road users in Flanders who download these apps can receive notifications for:

  • Slippery danger
  • Person or animal on the road
  • Cargo loss
  • Accident or breakdown
  • Road works
  • Traffic jam tail ends

The Flemish Mobilidata makes this information widely available to other solution providers. They can join the ecosystem and take the data from the use cases for their apps. As this is a bi-directional system, the anonymised information from the road users is fed back into the Mobilidata platform. This information helps to improve the quality and timing of notifications.

Safer and more efficient mobility

These six use cases all relate to the goal “Personal support – risk reduction”, one of the five main goals set by Mobilidata. In the course of this and next year, the other 25 use cases will also go live.

Monotch developed the traffic light cloud platform and the interchange used in the Mobilidata program. The rollout of the Mobilidata subproject, of which the delivery of the TLEX® and the Interchange is part, is being carried out by a consortium of companies led by our deployment partner Be-Mobile.

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