Graphmasters and Monotch join in partnership

Graphmasters and Monotch, navigation app developers, and smart mobility platform developers, respectively, announce their partnership today.

This partnership will increase the ecosystem for the German focus market.

Smart navigation

Graphmasters’ award-winning “collaborative routing”​ platform, NUNAV, creates unparalleled optimization solutions in traffic and logistics networks. With collaborative routing, traffic is distributed optimally on a given road infrastructure, traffic flow is maximized, and needed conditions for autonomous driving vehicles are fulfilled. Their technology platform provides routing services for a global economy and leverages cloud computing, big data services, and scalable software solutions in today’s world.

Smart navigation 2.0

With the connection of the real-time traffic data via the Monotch TLEX platform, additional use case alerts can be added to the routing service that Graphmasters offers. Road users will benefit from safer, smarter, and more efficient routing. Already today, Graphmasters users reduce their CO2 footprint by a trip to the moon every week and increase traffic flow in their cities by about 30%.

Improving traffic flow for all

“The world of Graphmasters is about improving traffic flow for everyone. For us, connected navigation means collaborative routing. Every user of our NUNAV technology plays a part in making the traffic smoother overall, saving time, and reducing emissions using optimized routes. Connecting to even more data via the TLEX platform will give our users even more benefits.”, says Alexander Meister, Solutions Expert Smart Mobility at Graphmasters.

An extensive smart mobility ecosystem

René Fritz-Mekas, Business Development Manager DACH at Monotch, adds, “We want the smart mobility ecosystem, i.e., all organizations that connect to the TLEX platform and exchange and use data, to be as extensive for Germany as we already see in other countries. Therefore, the partnership with Graphmasters is a benefit to both road authorities and road users.”

About Graphmasters

With its NUNAV technology, Graphmasters has paved the way for a traffic-free future. NUNAV distributes traffic throughout the road network. The implementation is based on real-time traffic and closure information, its expertise in cloud computing, and with the help of artificial intelligence. Everyone traveling with NUNAV not only bypasses traffic jams but also helps prevent them. This works because Graphmasters compares real-time traffic information with our traffic forecasts several times per second, making it available to every NUNAV user. This way, everyone can avoid traffic jams and reach their destination comfortably and safely.

The brands NUNAV Navigation, NUNAV Bus, NUNAV Courier, and NUNAV Trucks solve challenges for specific user groups worldwide. With offices in Switzerland, Vienna, Germany, and Great Britain, Graphmasters’ team of experts actively advocates solutions to avoid traffic jams for a better world.

Über Monotch

Founded in 2015, Monotch is a fast-growing international company in the smart mobility market. With direct support from its (partner) offices in The Netherlands, Germany, United States, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, and the UK, the company internationally deploys the Traffic Live Exchange Platform (TLEX®), the most progressive smart mobility platform. This powerful platform is the proven foundation for connected mobility and digital infrastructure that makes traffic talk. With nationwide implementations of this C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System), such as in the Netherlands and other European countries, Monotch is paving the way for a smarter mobility future.

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