Steady expansion of iTLCs in the Netherlands

More and more, we see how digitalisation and the use of data in the world of traffic and transport are taking shape.

The roll-out of Intelligent Traffic Light Controllers (iTLCs) across The Netherlands is steadily expanding. Currently, the Dutch have just over 300 iTLCs on the street and connected to the data chain via TLEX® (Traffic Live Exchange). These control traffic on the street and send data to and receive data from road users via TLEX.

Connection iTLC and road users

Monotch’s TLEX I2V platform provides the connection between all iTLCs and road users in the Netherlands. The real-time exchange of messages between traffic light controllers makes it possible to offer road users green lights, optimised speed advice, and to give way to specific traffic, for example, emergency services, cyclists or ‘green’ traffic.

"Talking Traffic"

As part of "Talking Traffic", road authorities have already ordered more than 800 iTLCs. About 600 of these had been completed by the end of 2019, while another 200 will follow in the first quarter of 2020. The road authorities created this 800 iTLCs by adapting existing traffic control installations.

In the meantime, Straßenbehörden are also busy replacing traffic control installations because they are too old. Each year this concerns about 10% of the approximately 5,500 traffic light controllers, i.e. about 550 per year. Suppliers, therefore, no longer supply ‘normal’ TLCs, but only iTLCs.

You can find more information about the status of the iTLCs in the Netherlands on the Talking Traffic website.

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