Digitraffic Infrastuktur AB becomes Swedish Agent for Monotch

Newly started Digitraffic Infrastruktur AB and innovative smart mobility developer Monotch just announced their cooperation in Sweden.

Starting May 2022, Swedish consultant Björn Selander will help Monotch expand its activities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Selander, the founder of Digitraffic Infrastruktur AB, has extensive knowledge and experience in the ITS market as a former employee of the Swedish Transport Organisation and as a Senior Consultant.

“We are convinced that outside the NordicWay3 project, the TLEX® platform can offer many benefits to Scandinavian road authorities and potential partners. Especially working with Björn, who knows smart mobility, IT and our platform”, says Menno Malta, CEO of Monotch.

“I am sure that the TLEX® platform with its many proven use cases will create safer, sustainable and more efficient traffic in many urban areas in the Nordic countries.”, Björn Selander, CEO of Digitraffic Infrastuktur, confirms.

Introducing the most advanced C-ITS platform in Sweden

In 2021, the unique TLEX® platform was introduced in the Nordics through the NordicWay3 programme. Monotch is a welcome addition to the program as an implementing body in the Swedish consortium because they bring valuable C-ITS user experience and new C-ITS applications. Its role is to further develop the Swedish interchange network. Monotch has joined various working groups, including the Exchange of Nodes working group and the Traffic Signals working group. The company aims to contribute to the knowledge gained in Dutch and international ITS projects "Talking Traffic", Intercor und Concorda.

Über Monotch

Monotch is the decisive C-ITS data aggregator. They enable safer, more sustainable and more efficient road transportation through their Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platforms. Monotch is considered leading in the European smart mobility industry with its award-winning platform. The unique C-ITS platform connects data, services and transactions. The company helps customers respond to the latest mobility trends and challenges with their extensive TLEX® solutions.

About Digitraffic Infrastruktur

Founded in 2022 by entrepreneur Björn Selander, the company is the Swedish answer to support the implementation of C-ITS platforms in the broad smart mobility ecosystem. With over two decades of experience in the (smart) mobility field and IT and consultancy, Björn has the knowledge and connections to help the Swedish mobility industry to the next level.

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