Dashboards and KPIs in TLEX I2V

In the middle of last year, the storage of metadata for the TLEX I2V-Plattform was further expanded to better serve our customers.

Subsequently, in the first half of 2020, we equipped the platform with dashboarding functionality and automated KPI monitoring. This enables the clear and integrated display of the data in the user portal.

Figure 1 TLEX I2V Dashboard example – Data quantity

Insights from TLEX dashboards

When using TLEX, the dashboards will provide insight into the following:

  • Central homepage with outstanding “data issues”;
  • Overall status of the connected objects;
  • Status of the connection to the connected objects;
  • Scope of the data exchange;
  • continuity/availability of the data;
  • Quality of the data exchange;
  • Latency of the data flows.

TLEX I2V has also been extended with alerting functionality; it is now possible to set alerts for all KPIs. Depending on the settings, users are periodically (e.g. daily) given a list of current deviations from set limit values.

Monotch partners are also given the option to define additional dashboards. Thanks to the “single sign-on” layer, partners can also make additional data and analyses accessible in the user portal.

Figure 2 TLEX I2V Dashboard example – Connection status

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