Mobilidata launches Interchange

Mobilidata Interchange highlight_EN

The Mobilidata program just realised the release of the Interchange platform. During the first quarter of 2022, the implementation of a cloud platform that connects intelligent traffic lights in Flanders and enables information exchange with road users was the main focus of the Mobilidata program. During this second quarter of the year, the focus was […]

Tampere takes smart mobility to the next level with C-ITS implementation


Nodeon has signed the first contract to implement the TLEX® platform in Finland’s third-largest city, Tampere. The City of Tampere and Fintraffic Tie Oy have decided to move forward regarding C-ITS implementation in the city. Meeting Finland’s smart mobility goals Finland’s goals in the NordicWay3 project are to collect and harmonise data from intelligent traffic […]

Monotch is working on a €60 mln project for a future-proof Dutch mobility system

System of interconnection of network

At the end of April 2022, it was confirmed that the Dutch government had awarded €30 million to 19 collaborating partners to develop the digital infrastructure for a future-proof mobility system (DITM). The Netherlands needs this development specifically for the digitisation and automation of mobility. Working on Dutch mobility since 2015 Menno Malta, CEO of […]

Unique cloud platform to communicate with intelligent traffic lights

PRESS RELEASE: Today, the Flanders Mobilidata program and the consortium of smart mobility industry partners, led by Be-Mobile, announce the implementation of a cloud platform that interconnects intelligent traffic lights in Flanders and enables information to be exchanged with road users.  This platform has been specially designed to enable new traffic applications in Flanders. External […]

TLEX ensures more efficiency in logistics chain

Together with partner Sentors, Monotch started the DATACLEP pilot project at the Moerdijk Port Authority in 2020. The project entirely focuses on data exchange in logistics. From March 2020 until November 2021, we tested an AI camera system plus data link at the Moerdijk port and industrial estate. During this test, the unlocked data were […]

TLEX platform deployed for C-ITS data exchange in Mobilidata

On 12 November, the green light was given in Flanders for Mobilidata. This ambitious Mobility Programme fits into the Flemish Road Safety Plan and makes Flemish traffic safer, smoother, and more sustainable through smart data management and technology. To achieve these aims, Mobilidata is putting in place a network of smart, sustainable and reliable data […]

Data sharing platform for NordicWay 3 live

Earlier this year, we reported on the participation in NordicWay 3. In July, Monotch already launched the data exchange node connected to TLEX I2V. The Scandinavian C-ITS programme and the associated pilots both enable vehicles, infrastructure and network operators to communicate safety hazards and other information from roads in the Nordic countries between different stakeholders. […]

TLEX technology reduces nuisance in Scheveningen

The enforcement organisation of The Hague has its hands full with reducing the nuisance on and around the boulevard of Scheveningen. In one month, the hotline receives about a thousand reports about parking problems, traffic violations, noise nuisance, and other undesirable behaviour resulting from drug use, especially nitrous oxide. In addition to deploying more enforcers, […]

Monotch joins NordicWay 3 programme

Recently Dutch ITS experts from Monotch have joined the NordicWay 3 programme. As an implementing body in the Swedish consortium, they are a welcome addition to NordicWay 3 because they bring valuable C-ITS user experience and new C-ITS applications. The Dutch smart mobility platform company specialises in connecting data, transactions, and services in the mobility […]

Camera system ensures efficient container registration at Port of Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk and industrial estate De Entree have applied innovations. A new mast, equipped with an innovative camera system, was recently installed at the entrance gate of the site to test the registration of containers. This way, there will be a better view of the transport of dangerous goods, and companies can also use […]