American expansion for Monotch

Starting in April, Monotch, the world-leading C-ITS platform developer, will open for business in the United States.

Monotch is already represented internationally in six different European countries and now expands to a new continent.

Local representation in the United States

“I am very proud of expanding our business across the ocean. With US-based ITS professional Steven Voit, who will be our Business Development Manager for the US, we have appointed a very experienced new team member,” says Menno Malta, CEO & founder of Monotch.

“My ambition is to spread the word to expand TLEX®(Traffic Live Exchange platform) in the United States and to find lokalen Partnern zusammenschließen to support this. At Monotch, we wish to provide the mobility ecosystem with a C-ITS platform that offers the most value to every public and private organisation and, finally, the road users,” Steven confirms.

The future of traffic is digital

Fortunately, the interest in Cooperative ITS is growing everywhere. Gary Lin, International Business Developer, adds, “For our latest webinar on C-ITS, we attracted people from over 25 countries worldwide. The digitalisation of infrastructure is already happening and, as mentioned in the webinar, will arrive faster than many are realising. To provide the most sophisticated solutions that will increase safety and efficiency and realises more sustainable traffic, the only way forward is a platform that allows every actor in the mobility system to connect. In conclusion, we cannot work in silos anymore if we want the best for everyone.”

Proven platforms for services to connected vehicles

At this moment, Monotch participates in projects in five different European countries. In addition, we see the interest in our platforms growing. During webinars, meetings, exhibitions and conferences, people ask us many questions regarding the use of our platform, the possible use cases, the security & privacy, the governance and benefits. To support the community in understanding the advantages of a central platform, we have created several whitepapers and an in-depth Case Study on the only nationwide implementation of a C-ITS system in the world.


Case Study:

You can download these documents for free. More whitepapers and case studies will follow in the future.

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