Data sharing platform for NordicWay 3 live

Earlier this year, we reported on the participation in NordicWay 3. In July, Monotch already launched the data exchange node connected to TLEX I2V.

The Scandinavian C-ITS programme and the associated pilots both enable vehicles, infrastructure and network operators to communicate safety hazards and other information from roads in the Nordic countries between different stakeholders.

It collaborates with public and private partners in Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It serves as a blueprint for a scalable, interoperable C-ITS implementation with built-in privacy, security, and data policy solutions. The NordicWay services aim to enhance traffic safety, fluency, and environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions.

Node data-sharing platform

With a successful go-live and entirely according to plan, the node data-sharing platform for NordicWay 3 was launched at the beginning of July. TLEX I2V from Monotch is used for the platform. In addition, a new product, the TLEX Interchange, has also been made available. The TLEX Interchange not only facilitates data exchange between projects and data-purchasing parties but also ensures the exchange of data with other countries in the region via a unique ‘Interchange’ network that has been set up. The data exchange via the platform takes place entirely following the C-Roads standards. Together with the Norwegian road authorities, Monotch contributes to developing European C-ITS standards by providing input for further maturity.

Proof of Concepts and pilots in Sweden

The go-live of the data platform simultaneously marked the start of local C-ITS data exchange services for several ‘Proof of Concepts’ and pilots in Sweden, such as the hybrid initiative in Gothenburg that tests a hybrid information exchange between traffic lights and vehicles by bringing notifications into the vehicle. Monotch will bring crucial knowledge gained from Dutch and international ITS projects such as Talking Traffic, Intercor and Concorda to Scandinavia for the pilots. Pilot flagships Traffic Signal Priority, Emergency vehicle approaching, Roadwork warnings, and Geofencing are carried out by Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Meeting needs of NordicWay 3 ecosystem

The primary motivation for Monotch to participate in the NordicWay 3 programme is to improve the TLEX I2V platform further and add new functionalities, payloads and interfaces. In addition, the TLEX I2V platform can be further developed into a network of functional, scalable and sustainable exchange nodes that meet the needs of the ecosystem in NordicWay 3. The developments focus on the requirements and specifications necessary for large-scale C-ITS -implementation in the Scandinavian countries. Additional functionalities of the I2V platform will be extensively developed and tested in the coming years.

According to Gary Lin, International Business Developer at Monotch, C-ITS and network management require governance and standardisation. “In NordicWay 3, we can incorporate the C-Road standards into our TLEX platform and implement them under new specifications and architectural set-ups that differ from our previous implementations.”

Improving data exchange in Scandinavia

Christian Berg of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Task Leader Interchange Node development and deployment in NordicWay 3 explains that Monotch brings valuable knowledge and experience to the ongoing work of developing and deploying a federated network with multiple exchange nodes for C-ITS data, helping enhance both quality and scalability of the data exchange between the various stakeholders in Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe.

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