Costain and Monotch announce strategic partnership

Dutch smart infrastructure specialist Monotch has selected Costain as UK deployment partner for its Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services in a move that will enable greener, safer and faster customer journeys on the UK road network. The two organisations will pilot the Monotch open mobility services platform, TLEX I2V, on the UK road network. […]

Monotch and Be-Mobile announce partnership for C-ITS roll-out in Europe

At the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, Dutch and Flemish smart mobility specialists, Monotch and Be-Mobile have signed a partnership agreement to realise and upscale C-ITS services in the Netherlands, Flanders, France, and the rest of Europe. With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of a fully operational C-ITS ecosystem which provides many benefits for […]

Solution partner TriOpSys facilitates secure UDAP connection

Monotch’s partner network expanded with a new partner on July 1st, namely TriOpSys. Both Monotch and TriOpSys endorse the importance that smart mobility requires smart information exchange between road users, road authorities and service providers. The Urban Data Access Platform (UDAP) was launched earlier this year. This platform, developed by Monotch, ensures quick, reliable and […]

Qualitative real data from bicycles on cycle paths

Our partner Cycledata focuses, as their company name indicates, on data from cyclers. Connected via the Monotch designed UDAP solution, this offers many opportunities. We interviewed Cees van der Zijl, Sales & Strategy Manager, about his view on the Monotch partnership. Bicycle data exchange Cees starts by telling more about their product Signum. He begins […]

Monotch and Nodeon enhance C-ITS data exchange in Finland

Dutch and Finnish smart mobility specialists Monotch and Nodeon have recently signed a partnership agreement to deploy C-ITS in Finland. With this collaboration, both parties underline the importance of data exchange via V2X platforms, which benefits the stakeholders in the C-ITS ecosystem. By teaming up for the Finnish market, Monotch and Nodeon can further promote […]

Interview with new Monotch solution partner Sentors

We wanted to know our new solution partner, Sentors, some more. Therefore we interviewed founder Sander Maas. Activities and expertise in traffic and transport Sander introduces Sentors as a supplier of camera systems that can recognise sea containers. These cameras are placed at entrances and exits of container transits, depots, factories and shippers/warehouses. Sentors registers […]

Monotch and Dynniq announce global partnership

Monotch and Dynniq announce a global partnership to speed up further C-ITS rollout. The use of mobile equipment and the rise of the Internet of Things offer unprecedented opportunities to manage mobility smarter and more efficient. Data technology allows people, devices and systems to communicate and share information. This also applies to Cooperative ITS, which […]

More flexibility in messages, message types and interfaces

In addition to the surveyable dashboards and KPIs in the renewed user portal, the TLEX I2V platform also offers additional interfaces, can be adapted to various message types and has recently been expanded with standard-compliant messages such as ETSI messages and upcoming C-Roads standards. Additional TLEX I2V 2.0 “bits and pieces” TLEX I2V 2.0 offers […]

Abundance of dashboards and KPIs in TLEX I2V 2.0

In the middle of last year, the storage of metadata for the TLEX I2V platform was further expanded to better serve our customers. Subsequently, in the first half of 2020, the platform has been equipped with dashboarding functionality and automated KPI monitoring. This enables the clear and integrated display of the data in the user […]

TLEX I2V 2.0 suitable for all roadside objects

Monotch’s TLEX I2V platform was specially designed to connect roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, and ultimately the road users. It has now expanded significantly and offers many new features. Initial development versus current development Initially, the platform was developed for connecting intersections and facilitating data exchange with traffic lights. In […]