TLEX leads the smart mobility innovation race

The digitalisation wave is reshaping mobility, integrating IoT and AI technologies, and transforming transportation into smart cities and connected vehicles. Real-time data acquisition and exchange, characterised by low latency, are pivotal for optimised traffic flow and road safety. Tailored solutions from a standard product Monotch’s Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform optimises data handling for specific […]

Avutec and Monotch announce partnership

Avutec, a Dutch-based innovator in smart camera technology, and Monotch, a leading force in the C-ITS market, have officially entered into a partnership. Following their successful collaboration during the Scheveningen challenge, these two international companies decided to continue their cooperation on more smart city projects. State-of-the-art integration In a collaborative effort for the municipality of […]

TLEX unlocks C-ITS capabilities in RSMP

RSMP-standardised traffic lights and roadside equipment in the Nordics can now communicate in a standardised and scalable manner with road users using a newly available functionality in the Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX®) platform provided by Monotch. Global C-ITS pioneer Monotch released a solution that allows RSMP data translation into ETSI C-ITS messages. This facilitates use […]

Monotch and TraffGo Road announce partnership

Joachim Wahle -TraffGo Road and René Fritz-Mekas - Monotch

Dutch-based C-ITS market leader Monotch and TraffGo Road, a subsidiary of international Information & Communications group Materna, join forces to bring TLEX® to the German market. TraffGo Road has over 20 years of experience in the mobility IT market. The new partner company that develops intelligent IT concepts and solutions for municipalities and state administrations […]

Webinar: Getting started with C-ITS is not too hard!

Webinar: Getting started with C-ITS is not too hard!

On Thursday, September 21st, Monotch will air a webinar in which Steve Schneider, Managing Director at ITS mobility and René Fritz-Mekas, Business Development Manager DACH at Monotch, will address the German-speaking audience on how to minimise most obstacles. German, Austrian and Swiss organisations involved in smart mobility will hear their region’s latest update on C-ITS. […]

Wildlife detection notification for safer traffic

On April 21, 2023, SmartwayZ.NL initiated a test with wildlife detection along the N69 as part of the Talking Traffic partnership. The project aims to increase traffic safety and reduce the number of collisions with crossing animals. To achieve this, the approach is to provide warnings to drivers through the Waze navigation app, in addition […]

Scheveningen uses AI to reduce nuisance

The Municipality of The Hague recently tested the possibility of using smart cameras to detect laughing gas abuse and to forward a live report to enforcement so that it can act while preserving privacy. During the test day, the innovative solution from Avutec (producer of smart cameras) and Monotch (developer of C-ITS platforms) was checked […]

Pre-emption and priority revolutionised!

Webinar June 2023 - Pre-emption and priority revolutionised! Discover how to give way dynamically & to different road user groups

Discover how to give way dynamically, and to different road user groups as well, in our next webinar. Many countries still use old-fashion ways to prioritise traffic or keep lights greener for longer (pre-emption). Using a platform such as TLEX can make a revolutionised change for governments and road authorities. Dynamically prioritised traffic What does […]

Monotch prolongs ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications

ISO Logos

We just got confirmation that Monotch passed the ISO9001 recertification. At the same time, we were notified that the control audit for ISO27001 was positive and that we comply to keep our existing certification. Recertification purposes ISO9001 The purpose of the recertification audit for our ISO9001 was to assess/establish the following: “I took over as […]

Mobilidata in-app mobility notifications live

Mobile phone in car showing alert for slippery road

Starting mid-April, the first 6 out of 31 use cases in the Flemish C-ITS project Mobilidata are live and use the interchange to connect solutions providers. Whereas Sweden and Norway have the first Interchange Federation in the world, our southern neighbours in Flanders (Belgium) are the first to implement a large-scale interchange. Cloud platform extension […]