Camera system efficiently registers seaport containers

Port of Moerdijk and industrial estate De Entree have applied innovations. A new mast, equipped with an innovative camera system, was recently installed at the entrance gate of the site to test the registration of containers.

This way, there will be a better view of the transport of dangerous goods, and companies can also use the available data from the camera registration in real-time for their logistics planning.

DATACLEP project at Port of Moerdijk

The Sentors camera system is part of the DATACLEP pilot project. Data from sensors on the site is made available in real-time for companies on the site, truck drivers and emergency services. Monotch provides the data link with the camera system. This new technology ensures more efficient handling of goods flows and safety, but ultimately also contributes to a better flow in business parks.

Access configuration and notifications for companies

All incoming shipping containers are recognised based on the BIC code with a single camera. The codes of hazardous substances on ADR signs (GEVI and UN numbers) are also included. With these measurements, the Port of Moerdijk can better picture the volumes and the various substances transported at the entrance gate, De Entree.

It can then compare this data with the multimodal facilities on water and rail. In addition to the port authority, other companies on the harbour site and industrial estate are also involved in the pilot. They, too, will soon receive a notification when a container has been detected at the entrance gate and can consult an archive with photos and times, which can be helpful for visual inspections and possible damage disputes.

Data sharing in a joint measurement system

Such access configuration and data sharing with companies on the harbour site and industrial estate have not been tested before, and in this case, there is no clear owner of the data. Multiple parties may be interested in the same container, each with their interests.

Therefore, this pilot aims to arrive at a solid “data management” approach in which data security is guaranteed and determines who / where / when / how can access this data. By sharing data via a joint measurement system, added value can be created for several parties in the industrial estate. The development of data sharing at De Entree is in the hands of Monotch, which has already gained a lot of experience in the traffic industry.

Datafication is the logistics sector

The DATACLEP pilot project is part of DALI, which aims to lift data certification in the logistics sector in the Southern part of the Netherlands to a higher level. It focuses on developing smart logistics: inventing, developing and applying new logistics methods, adding more value for all stakeholders, more efficient handling of goods flows, and retaining our international market position.

For more information, you can check the Port of Moerdijk website.

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