C-ITS technology provides fuel savings for trucks

Trucks connected to iTLCs (intelligent traffic light controllers) consume substantially less fuel than regular trucks, according to the first results of the ‘Connected Transport Corridors’ project.

Five hundred trucks that do not have to stop five times a day can save a transport company nearly € 1 million. Within the project, the enthusiasm to participate is growing among transporter companies. Logical, for it provides significant benefits.

Optimised speed advice

Data exchange between traffic light controllers makes it possible to give road users the green light, offer optimized speed advice and to give priority to specific road users such as trucks and emergency services. Being connected to traffic light controllers can provide significant fuel savings for transport companies. And it also provides many social benefits, such as a reduction in CO2 emissions and safer traffic. By giving the green light, trucks no longer have to stop and accelerate at traffic lights, so they use much less fuel and emit less CO2. And moreover, connected road users can be informed more quickly about approaching emergency and emergency services.

Transport companies using connected technology

The TLEX I2V platform from Monotch provides the connection between the iTLCs and the truck drivers in the Netherlands. Freight forwarders such as Vos Transport and Gist Netherlands who are already driving around with this connected technology showed their initial findings.

Vos Transport calculated that 250 connected trucks would save no less than 194.620 euros per year by avoiding two stops per day – a very cautious scenario. It also leads to a reduction of more than 344.530 kg of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to planting 1.871 trees. Gist Netherlands has equipped seven trucks with connected technology at the end of 2019 and also sees many advantages in the data exchange via TLEX. With connected trucks, fuel consumption decreased by as much as 6.1%, and there was 26.2% less braking. So valuable first insights.

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