Safe, smart and sustainable mobility

Imagine the comfort and efficiency increase for the entire mobility ecosystem when travellers, roadside equipment and roads would be connected, sharing info, status and plans, continuously and in real-time. Monotch makes all of this happen.

The opportunities of a connected world are countless, both for authorities and businesses. However, for solutions to be adopted by the mass of consumers the gaps between data sources, transactions and services need to be bridged. Colliding interests, lack of knowledge and protection of traditional business prevent this and thus block market progress. This is where Monotch thrives. As a neutral party with experiential knowledge about market needs and a clear understanding of political aspects we bridge the gaps.

Our focus

Monotch focuses on safe, smart and sustainable mobility in Europe by connecting data, services and transactions. In order to achieve this, the company develops and realizes Smart Mobility Platforms.

Our experience

Monotch has extensive experience in connecting mobility data such as real-time communication with traffic controllers and other road-side equipment, sensors and parking data to service providers, automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users.

Monotch works for reputable organizations, such as equipment & technology vendors, service providers, app developers, cities, regions, parking resource providers and road authorities. We assist both providers and users of mobility data, by advancing new solutions that make mobility data more accessible, relevant and easier to integrate.

Our market position

Monotch provides for changing mobility questions such as the exchange of data and the creation of additional services by making mobility data accessible, applicable and combinable. We embrace the possibilities that modern technology offers us to reinvent mobility.

Monotch is recognized as forerunner in the European smart mobility industry. We received the award for the best Technical paper at the ITS World Congress Copenhagen 0281 (on TLEX) and won the Dutch Automotive Innovation Award 2019 and Automotive Brand Contest IAA 2019 (Connectivity). Monotch is ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

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