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Monotch is establishing a supervisory board. The Supervisory Board supervises the policies of the Executive Board and advises the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board will have 3 members and is expected to meet four times per year.

The starting point for the composition of the Supervisory Board is that all are generalists who together form a multidisciplinary team. The members are independent, objective and free from any appearance of a potential conflict of interest. The aim is to compose the Supervisory Board in such a way that various fields of knowledge and areas of attention are well represented.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board, as a body, should have:

  • Knowledge and experience with B2G IT propositions;
  • An affinity with, and knowledge of, the smart mobility industry;
  • Knowledge and experience with selling solutions through a partner channel;
  • Experience with scaling up companies (including aspects such as finance, HR, funding, legal);
  • Experience in the business world, both nationally and internationally;
  • Experience with corporate governance/supervisory board.


Monotch focuses on safe, efficient and sustainable mobility by connecting data, services and transactions. In order to achieve this, the company  provides the market leading Traffic Live Exchange (TLEX) platform to cities and road authorities. TLEX is a highly scalable platform specifically designed to connect roadside equipment to information brokers, automotive industry, road authorities, and ultimately the road users. Monotch is recognized internationally as a Changemaker in a fast growing industry.

Monotch is currently active in 6 European countries with planned expansion in 2023 to more EU countries, the US and the Pacific.

Personal qualifications

Supervisory board members should have:

  • Managerial experience and skills
  • Entrepreneurial attitude;
  • International orientation and outside experience;
  • Team player with a well-developed sense for cooperation and communication;
  • Appropriate time for preparation and attendance of meetings and willing to travel;
  • No conflicts of interest.


Do you want to be part of our Supervisory Board? Please send an email to [email protected].

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